Top 12 most bizarre car designs

ТОП-12 самых странных по дизайну автомобилей
18 November 2023 Irina Zholnirova

Some cars attract attention not only by their "inner body", but also by their extraordinary appearance. We have collected 12 unusual and amazing cars from all over the world. Some of them can be found on the roads, and some, on the contrary, proudly occupy a place in museum exhibits. We suggest you look at them and even comment - which cars you like, and which ones make you laugh?

General Motors Firebird

Man has always wanted to fly - and just like that, in everyday life. For example, to fly for bread... So General Motors designers were inspired by the atmosphere of air space conquest reigning at that time and created a car in the form of a fighter plane. The driver (pilot?) was offered to control the miracle car with the help of a joystick and to look at the world around through the domed windshield.

Interestingly, there were several slightly different models in the years from 1953 to 1959. However, it was immediately clear that such a car had no place on the roads. Therefore, it remained as a memory of General Motors' inventiveness, nothing more.

Bugatti Type 57

Bugatti in principle has never been characterized by restraint in design. Italian passion for everything unusual and a little bit pretentious. So, Bugatti Type 57 today is not the only child of enthusiastic Italians, so we can just look at the unusual car with curiosity. But at the time of its release (1934), it caused a real stir.

However, there is nothing to be surprised here. The futuristic design was complemented by unprecedented at that time technical characteristics. The first version of Bugatti Type 57 had a power of 135 hp and developed a speed of 153 km/h. The last models of the range could accelerate up to 200 km/h - at that time it was something!

Interesting: one of the Bugatti Type 57 cars is in the personal collection of designer Ralph Lauren.

Peel P50

Perhaps, many collections of strange cars start with Peel P50: this tiny car looks more like a toy than a means of transportation. Nevertheless, in Europe at one time (50s) there was a certain fashion for three-wheeled single-seater cars, as they took up little space and "ate" a ridiculous amount of fuel.

Of course, the Peel P50 was not distinguished neither by power (only 4.2 hp), nor by speed (maximum - 61 km/h), but it was not required. It met all the requirements of compactness, and the machine itself could be manually driven into the garage or parked almost anywhere.

You may be interested to see our other selection: the smallest cars in the world.

Stout Scarab

It's funny that the world's first minivan was considered ugly and almost written off... Who knew that a large car with more seats would soon become so popular!? Of course, for its time (1932) Stout Scarab looked too unusual.

Today, this car is considered a rarity and an example of style. There are 5 examples in the world, and it is not so little!

Norman Timbs Special

American engineer Norman Timbs worked on his creation for more than three years, and this time was not spent in vain. A truly beautiful, unusual, and yet powerful car, which developed a speed of 193 km/h, came out of the hands of the master. For 1948 it was very, very cool.

Incredible design even by today's standards. A voluminous hood, smooth and flowing forms, absence of doors, and rich, noble color make the car unique. It can be seen only at exhibitions, where it is sometimes “taken out for a spin" by the current owner.

Daihatsu Midget II

The marvel of the Japanese car industry was created in 1993 and went into production in 1996. It was reissued several times: there were modifications for one driver and for a driver with a passenger. Daihatsu Midget II did not set any records in terms of power and speed (the maximum was 50 km/h), but it was very nimble and compact. Therefore, the serial production was justified.

A funny detail that made the car noticeable and recognizable is a spare tire, which is located in the front. Because of this, many people nicknamed it "rhinoceros", although the size of the car does not match this large animal.

Pea Car

This funny and cute car was produced in a single unit under a special order of the British company - Asylum. The client was a private company that sold frozen vegetables: the aim was to be recognized on the streets. And the machine in the form of a pea perfectly fulfilled the task.

This "advertisement on wheels" could reach a speed of up to 96 km/h. Today Pea Car is on a well-deserved rest in one of the museums at Unilever Ice Cream and Frozen Foods Co.

Ferrari 512S Modulo

Even though the Ferrari 512S Modulo was created in 1970, it still looks ultra-modern and even futuristic. Its "chopped" sides and sharp nose are reminiscent of a Lamborghini, although some details are conceptual.

It is easy to guess that the Ferrari 512S Modulo was conceived as a sports car with impressive characteristics. But the public was won over, first of all, by its appearance.

The Karlman King

Huge, brutal, impressive, reliable - that's what can be said about the luxury car from the Chinese manufacturer. In many ratings, it appears as one of the most expensive SUVs: its declared value starts from 2 million dollars. What will the buyer get for this money, except for the "chopped" design?

He will get extremely high cross-country ability on almost any off-road, safety... and incredible comfort. The inside of the SUV is very spacious, and it is equipped with all modern electronics. You can even play a console!

Tesla Cybertruck

A buzzed-about SUV from Tesla that many call "poorly-drawn." Indeed, the Cybertruck's design is puzzling: it has too straight lines and a lot of unsmoothed corners. However, this does not affect the streamlined bodywork in any way - rather, it simply invites the public to heated discussions. The cyberpunk style - it is so....

The most important thing is that the car works from an electric motor with a range of about 560 km, which is quite good. It is both useful for ecology and convenient for drivers.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

And again in our rating Bugatti, this time - quite a modern model, released in a single copy in 2019. The cost of this luxury car is estimated from 13 to 16 million dollars, which allows it to be considered one of the most expensive in the world.

The technical characteristics of La Voiture Noire are impressive: the 1500 hp engine allows you to reach a speed of up to 480 km/h. And the car accelerates to a hundred in only 2.5 seconds.

Covini C6W

Everything in this car could be fine and quite standard if not six wheels instead of the usual four! It is still not quite clear why an extra pair is needed. But we can again remember the Italian temperament and try to understand their desire to make everything bigger.

If not to look at the wheels, the car looks habitually and very even presentable. It is a two-door coupe-cabriolet with a powerful engine and a beautiful streamlined shape. If anything, a six-wheeled car in general is not nonsense, history knows a few more such models. So, why not?

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