Paphos Embraces Green Revolution: Electric Garbage Trucks Introduced

В Пафосе появились электрические мусоровозы
6 September 2023 Liza Medvetskaya

The Paphos Municipality has procured electric garbage trucks.

They will primarily be used in the densely populated center of the old town, as well as in paved and pedestrian areas along the coastal road.

According to municipal authorities, these new trucks will not emit greenhouse gases and will not pollute the air with combustion by-products. Additionally, the city claims that the vehicles are equipped with regenerative braking and weigh less than regular garbage trucks, further reducing the emissions of solid particles.

"According to our information, we have become the first local authority to create such a project. Thanks to us, Paphos is at the forefront of the green energy revolution. Our city is diligently working to provide clean air for its residents," stated Paphos Mayor Fedonas Fedonos.

It's worth noting that the DuroCar EV trucks from Demetriades Handling Equipment cost the Paphos Municipality 45,220 euros.

Earlier, Fedonos received two electric scooters worth 7,800 euros from Michalis Georgiou Motospeed. In July, the same company signed a contract with the mayor for the delivery of 13 new low-emission scooters, totaling 58,500 euros, for use by traffic inspectors, which will be delivered by the end of November. The deal includes a three-year maintenance contract.

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