Top 10 smallest cars in the world

ТОП-10 самых маленьких автомобилей в мире
18 March 2023 Irina Zholnirova

A small car means maneuvrability, low fuel consumption and often easier handling. Moreover, a small and nimble car is a real lifesaver in the city: it is easy to park or squeeze into a narrow street.

Here are the top 10 smallest cars in the world. Some of them look comical, others are quite suitable for driving around the cities of Cyprus as well as on the highways.

Peel Trident, 90-150kg

We decided to start with the most futuristic car. It looks like a small spaceship and has been in production since the 1960s. Initially, the models weighed only 90 kg, but after a number of innovations they became "heavier" up to 150 kg.

The salon of this baby can seat 2 people. But to get in you have to fold down the front. The Peel Trident has no doors. The car has only 3 wheels and can reach a speed of 45 km/h. Single units are sold at auctions and cost a lot, which justifies their age and manual assembly.

Peel P50, 59kg

This "sibling" of the previous car once won the title of the world's smallest mass-produced car and still holds it. The micromobile has only three wheels, one door, one seat in the cabin (for the driver, of course) and one headlight. The car has no reverse, but it is manoeuvrable and easy to turn. Yes, it looks a bit like a tuk-tuk, which is popular in Asian countries. Production of this baby stopped a long time ago, so the only way to buy one is at auction. And probably for a lot of money.

Smart ForTwo, 720-1085kg.

And this car looks pretty decent. Two people can drive it comfortably, and they can put their things in the saloon. It reaches a speed of up to 165 km/h, which makes the Smart ForTwo a fully-fledged small car, comfortable in city conditions. It is interesting that for more than 15 years the car has been produced exclusively with an electric motor.

Fiat 500, up to 1355 kg

Despite its modest dimensions, the modern Fiat 500 (in production since 1957) has an impressive specification. It has an electric motor with a range of up to 320 kilometres, digital controls and a speed of up to 230 km/h. Curiously, the manufacturers have kept the retro style of the car, making it unique not only inside but also outside.

Hong Guang Mini EV, 665-705kg

The Chinese are masters of miniaturisation. The Hong Guang Mini EV was launched in 2020 and immediately became a huge hit in its home country. You can bet it's very comfortable to drive on busy city streets. In 2022, the Hong Guang Mini EV was the third best-selling car in its country. The technical characteristics of the car are quite good: electric motor with a range of up to 120 km, 27 hp, speed up to 100 km/h. And the price in China is only 4.2 thousand dollars!

Mahindra e2o, 830kg

This is an Indian microcar that is just as popular in China as its predecessor. Its technical specifications are more modest, but apparently sufficient for Indian cities. The fact that the car can be controlled by a mobile application makes it a real "innovator". In addition, the electric motor allows it to be considered an environmentally friendly car, which is important in today's society.

Aston Martin Cygnet, 988kg.

And that is a small luxury car. It is interesting that the British brand Aston Martin has dared to launch such a variant, but it remains really curious and almost the only one in its class. The 436 bhp engine allows the car to accelerate to 274 km/h. Agreed, not bad at all for such a tiny car!

Renault Twizy, 487kg

This small electric car is not even considered a car in Europe - it is a quad bike with a comfortable cabin for two people. It can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h and can be charged from a normal socket! It costs up to 8.5 thousand euros, but there is a catch: the battery is not sold, you have to rent it. This comes to around 50 euros per month.

BMW Isetta, 353-510kg

A very popular car in the post-war period. It is believed that the production of such a small and economical car saved BMW from collapse during the crisis. It had a top speed of 75 km/h, which was very fast for those times! At the same time, the Izetta's low fuel consumption made it very popular. It was a matter of principle to include it in our list - it is an important part of automotive history.

Pasquali Riscio, 360kg

Another three-wheeled electric car that charges from a normal socket. Its weight is truly impressive, although the Pasquali Riscio is generally not that fast: the top speed is 40 km/h. Nevertheless, it has its fans and can still be found in its home country - Italy.

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