TOP-10 most powerful cars in the world

ТОП-10 самых мощных автомобилей в мире
23 November 2022 Irina Zholnirova

Of course, the TOP-10 most powerful cars include not ordinary passenger cars or huge SUVs, but supercars and hypercars. These are conditional classes that determine not only the technical characteristics but also the appearance of the cars. Moreover, all the "participants" in our top were produced in limited editions, which is not surprising.

And what is the difference between a hypercar and a supercar? There is no clear boundary, but a hypercar usually surpasses a supercar in its characteristics several times. It would seem that if a car has a power of about 1000 horsepower, how can it be increased several times?! It turns out it's possible. See our selection and be amazed with us.

10th place: Bugatti Chiron, 1500 hp

This is a worthy successor to the famous Bugatti Veyron. However, in terms of performance, it significantly surpasses its predecessor. It outperformed it by a whopping 500 hp.

Power and speed are perfectly complemented by the magnificent design of the supercar. However, there is nothing surprising here. Bugatti, as always, follows its best traditions.

Speaking of speed, it is astonishing. The car reaches 100 km/h in just 2 seconds. The maximum speed is claimed to be 420 km/h, although the manufacturers have set a limiter at 380 km/h.

9th place: Lamborghini Aventador LP1600-4 Mansory Carbonado GT, 1600 hp

The Mansory tuning studio decided to improve the already magnificent Lamborghini Aventador. By the way, it became the most commercially successful model of Lamborghini in its history. Mansory increased the horsepower from 700 to 1600, more than doubling it!

Of course, this also affected the car's speed. The maximum speed reaches 370 km/h. Moreover, it accelerates to a hundred in just 2.1 seconds.

All this luxury is accentuated by the famous Lamborghini design. Aggressive yet compact and swift, it embodies brightness, audacity, and readiness to overcome any obstacles.

8th place: Hennessey Venom F5, 1622 hp

Hennessey Performance Engineering produced only 24 units of this model. Nevertheless, it quickly became famous worldwide. And not only thanks to its powerful V8 engine with twin turbochargers. The car reaches speeds of up to 450 km/h, which allowed it to enter the top ten fastest cars.

Moreover, it is worth noting the car's exterior: luxurious, slightly aggressive, and streamlined. It is no wonder that the price tag on this hypercar is $2.1 million. The car represents a true embodiment of luxury.

7th place: SSC Tuatara, 1774 hp

SSC North America (Shelby) presented a powerful proof that modern technologies can work wonders. The Tuatara model is available in two fuel types: gasoline capable of delivering 1369 hp, and E85 ethanol - a whopping 1774 hp. These are remarkable figures that make this car a hypercar.

Such power allows it to reach 443 km/h. And acceleration to 100 km/h is possible in just 2.5 seconds.

The ultra-modern design somewhat resembles Lamborghini, especially from the front. However, direct comparison is not possible. From the side, the car speaks volumes about the designer's fascination with the space theme.

6th place: Pininfarina Battista, 1900 hp

Starting from the middle of our ranking, it is worth noting the numbers that boggle the imagination. Just think about it: the car has 1900 horsepower! And this allows it to reach a speed of 350 km/h, although the manufacturers assure that their creation can go even faster.

German quality and Italian design are organically combined in cars from Automobili Pininfarina. The Battista model impresses with its appearance and shows that this car is not only powerful but also prestigious.

The Battista edition is not the largest, but not the smallest either: 150 units. The price tag for the hypercar reaches up to $2.5 million.

5th place: Rimac C_Two, 1914 hp

The Rimac C_Two was created based on the previous model (in our top) by the Croatian company Rimac C_Two. The model was slightly modified, making it not only more streamlined but also more comfortable for passengers.

There are four engines in the car - one for each wheel. This allows the hypercar to reach a speed of 415 km/h. Acceleration to a hundred happens in just 1.8 seconds.

Production of the Rimac C_Two began in 2020 and continues to this day. It is planned that the total number of units will be 150.

4th place: Lotus Evija 2000 hp

Bold design is definitely not the only thing that the novelty from Lotus Cars can boast of. This car ranks high in power ratings, which is not surprising: this is possible thanks to 4 electric motors.

The maximum claimed speed is 320 km/h. In terms of acceleration, the Lotus Evija slightly lags behind the previous contenders: it accelerates to 100 km/h in 3 seconds.

The price tag is impressive. The cost of the hypercar will be $2.1 million. However, this is not surprising. The series with a premium designer and butterfly doors is planned to be limited to 130 units.

3rd place: Aspark Owl, 2012 hp

Aspark Owl needed to add just a little bit (only 12 horsepower) to surpass the Lotus Evija in all power ratings. Also, the Aspark Owl demonstrates superiority in speed: it can reach 450 km/h!

This electric hypercar became a real sensation. Initially after its release, it topped the power ratings. In addition, it was often called the most beautiful and unusual car of all time.

The Aspark Owl edition is very limited: only 50 units, each costing from $3.5 million (depending on configuration and finishing).

2nd place: Dagger GT, 2028 hp

The Dagger also did not "pull away" too much from its competitor by just 16 horsepower. But the speed that can be reached on this "beast" is 483 km/h - an impressive indicator even for this rating!

The Dagger GT accelerates to a hundred effortlessly in just 1.7 seconds. Interestingly, it can maintain maximum speed for only 6 minutes (due to running out of fuel), but during this time, you can fully experience all the beauty of the car.

Interesting fact: some sources claim that certain models are equipped with engines with a power of 2500 hp. Whether this is true in reality is unknown.

1st place: Devel Sixteen Engine Dyno, 4515 hp

The first place is occupied by a truly frightening, in a good sense, hypercar. Even in the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine that under the hood of a two-seater car there can be 4.5 thousand "horses"!

The speed is no less impressive: it reaches 560 km/h. An incredible figure - especially if you imagine where and how this car can drive. There is information that several units are already driving around the UAE. There are tracks there where you can really unleash this "beast" to unimaginable speeds.

Of course, progress does not stand still.

It is quite possible that in the coming years, cars with more powerful engines will be released. But for now, this ranking is the most relevant, and in principle, believing that engines with several thousand horsepower exist is not so simple.

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