What can a driver in Cyprus get a fine for?

За что водитель на Кипре может получить штраф?
2 September 2023 Irina Starinskaia

On the island of Aphrodite, the easiest way to get around is by private car.

However, not many know how strict the fine system is here. Let's get to the bottom of it so we don't get into trouble.

Regardless of whether you are a permanent resident of the island or a tourist, the laws for all drivers are exactly the same. But not everyone bothers to study the rules. And this approach can cost a lot of money.

In the case of recieiving a fine, it must be paid within 15 days. Otherwise, the amount will be doubled, and in 30 days the issue is already addressed in court. A naughty tourist can be denied a visa if he evaded the fine (even if he has a Schengen visa).

It is not worth trying to cover up the case and pay the fine on the spot, otherwise it will look like an attempt to bribe an honest policeman. Even if the policeman seems very nice and accommodating, such behavior is completely inappropriate this sunny island.

Cyprus has left-sided traffic. So, it is not customary to overtake on the left. Of course, you should also not overtake on bridges, crosswalks and hilltops. In these cases fine ranges from 150 to 300 euros.

As in all civilized countries, in Cyprus it is customary to respect pedestrians and other road users, not to honk for no reason, not to throw garbage out of car windows and not to stick out hands, feet and other parts of the body on the move (85 euros fine). Children under 5 years old are usually driven in special seats, and up to 10 years old it is advisable not to put them on the front seat without a booster (300 euros fine). All passengers must wear seat belts (otherwise the fine is 300 euros).

Standard types of violations include: running a red light (200 euros fine), ignoring traffic signs or traffic police instructions (85 euros fine). Creating congestion on a city road a fine of 100 euros is expected, while on the highway - 300 euros.

The most unusual and rare fine is for a dirty car. The amount is 70 euros. It is unusual because in the Cypriot climate it is extremely difficult to seriously get your car dirty. But if you had to keep your car for a couple of months in Paphos airport under a tree favored by birds, don't be lazy to go to a car wash and tidy it up your.

Fines for speeding

The most common reason for fines on the island is speeding. Remember that in Cyprus it is allowed to drive at a speed of no more than 50 km/h in the city, outside cities and other residential areas - 80 km/h, and on highways - 100 km/h.

From time to time cameras appear on the roads. To date, they are most numerous in Nicosia and Limassol. In addition, all over the island, violators can suddenly get into the radar view of the traffic police.

For exceeding less than 30% of the permitted sleep, the amount of fine is 5 euros per km. For exceeding 30-50% the fine is €8 per km. The fine for exceeding 75% is determined by the court.

For example, for traveling at a speed of 65 km/h in the city you will be fined 50 euros. And if you speed up another 5 km, caught will have to pay 160 euros.

In addition, in Cyprus there is a concept of Permissible speed limit. In the city, the limit is 10%, and on the highway 20%. For example, in the city, where the limit is 50 km / h, the penalty is provided from 58 km / h, and on the highway with a limit of 100 km / h, the permissible limit is respectively 121 km / h.

Penalty for improper parking

Despite the fact that cases of improper parking are common everywhere, in Cyprus, the violation is punishable. Prolonged stopping on two yellow lines or under the sign "Parking is prohibited", on the sidewalk, on the highway, near traffic lights or "zebra", in places for people with disabilities, etc.) - the fine varies from 100 to 150 euros.

The most severe punishment is for parking on sidewalks and on areas designated for the disabled - 300 euros.

In case you parked on someone else's space or violated the local rules of etiquette drivers can lift the wipers.

Penalties for driving with 1 hand and other body parts

Cypriot law requires that both of a driver's hands must be on the steering wheel. Of course, this doesn't apply to the need to change gears and buttons in the car. It is about eating, drinking, smoking and talking on a cell phone. The average fine is 150 euros, and 300 euros for a second offense.

You should not take the example of those who ride around with indoor dogs in a cuddle and chat on the phone at the same time. This is not only dangerous for beloved pets, but also for those around them. The ban on sipping water while driving is a bit insidious, though, isn't it?

Drunk driving

This fine is the most expensive and far from the most popular. The minimum charge is 200 euros. Many have experienced how active the traffic police become towards the end of the working week, especially during the evening and night time. It cannot be said that Cypriots like to drink - they rather prefer coffee and other invigorating drinks - but still allow themselves a glass of wine or beer while driving.

The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.22 ppm. That's a shot of local vodka or two glasses of wine.

- 0.22-0.35 ppm - 125 euros

- 0.35-0.55 ppm - 301 euros.

- 0.55-0.7 ppm - 500 euros

- Above 0.8 ppm - up to 10,000 or 2 years' imprisonment (decided by a judge).

The amounts of fines for individual offenses are determined in court

For example, in Cyprus you can be fined:

  1. For dashing and careless driving.
  2. For driving without a license (meaning the actual absence of the document or its annulment). The license is electronically available in the police database.
  3. For driving without insurance.

Here you can read more about what in Cyprus can cause losing a driver's license.

In addition to fines, violations are summarized in the form of points. When twelve penalty points are reached, the courts usually disqualify a driver from driving and suspend the driver's license. Currently, penalty points are removed three years after the day they are imposed.

How to pay fines in Cyprus

Fines can be paid at the police station during office hours. If for some reason you do not have time to do it yourself, you can delegate another adult. Make sure the fine is closed to avoid future problems with the police. For convenience, drivers in Cyprus use the JCC Smart app, available to both permanent residents and tourists. Good luck on the road and stay safe!

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